Hiring & Recruitment


We place a strong emphasis on recruiting highly qualified candidates with defined goals or ideals, who are open to infinite challenges.

Our incentives programs plus the great balance that we have achieved in between productivity and harmony has become our main attraction for both well-experienced and new potential candidates.

The Labor Force

Young, keen college students from the most recognized universities in the Dominican Republic. The current eligible population contemplates high-level skilled candidates, from the appropriate handling of the English language to the precise knowledge of computer-based and up-to-date programs.

The potential these individuals have to offer is indisputable and we guarantee the best of the pack.

The Process

The process that each candidate must complete in order to become part of our organization can be described as a standard business procedure, starting from a casual meeting and ending with a well-detailed record of the individual’s skills, background and intellect for an adequate reviewing.

The hiring process includes:

Selection of the Individual’s Application, Resume evaluation, Phone interview (determine candidate’s manners, empathy, attitude), Physical interview, Written tests (Customer service skills, knowledge level), References evaluation, Psychological tests (Individual’s background, manners, attitude), etc.


Although initial training procedures may vary (the project that it is oriented to, will have a considerable say on this aspect) ours covers all regarding aspects plus value packages of essential skills in call center knowledge and customer service practices.

Also, and thanks to our high demanding quality and accuracy program, we keep a rigorous and innovative follow-up schedule for new updates or feedback. we assure a continuous action plan to re-enforce or re-educate our customer service representatives.

Production & Metrics

Aware of all principles in call center management, we are 100% ready to meet accordingly within any proposed goal.

We dedicate all of our efforts to establish a foundation for effective communication in between our clients and us.

We monitor real time for effective developments.

We implement a workable escalation plan, elaborating the future step by step, securing the right goals.

We are a well-managed call center with a an accurate and effective planning culture.

Establish your goal for each metric with our guarantee that it will be properly achieved:



Average Speed of Answer Service Level Abandon Rate Average Talk Time Average Hold Time After Call Work



Efficiency per Agent Occupancy End User Retention



Monitoring Scores First Call Resolution Error Rates Customer Satisfaction Ratings (end consumer)