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Customer Surveys

Enhance your products and services by leveraging Data Vimenca to acquire direct voice of the customer feedback. We organize and manage virtual focus forums, conduct customer surveys and polls, and collect customer feedback while managing interactions. Let us build reliable and actionable repositories of critical customer data for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Surveys to Data Vimenca

  • Reduced Costs
  • Objectivity
  • Quick Turnaround on Reports/Findings
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Why Data Vimenca

  • EMPLOYEES: High performing, well educated, and courteous employees trained to your specifications
  • NEARSHORE PROVIDER: Cost effective solutions delivered by employees with an unparalleled cultural understanding of the North American Customers
  • EASY ACCESS: Direct daily flights from major US cities Long-Term Provider: We want you to be part of our family for life Continuous Improvement: Maniacal focus on continuous improvement and performance
  • MULTICHANNEL SOLUTIONS: Deliver answers to your customers through their channel of choice

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We are a family operated business who invest in our employees to ensure your brand is protected with every customer touchpoint. By leveraging our expertise, dedicated agents, and tenured management teams, we bring value to your brand by providing an excellent customer experience with every interaction.

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